From: Jim Cox
Sent: Saturday, September 25, 1999 11:24 AM
Subject: News Article

> Some or many of you may have seen the latest  full page article in the
> Chattanooga News Free Press titled, "Earth's Final Warning."  The group
> who has entered this article is not an Seventh Day Adventist Church, but
> they claim to be. This is not the first time they have placed articles
> in newspapers and used the name of the church. The Georgia Cumberland
> Conference has given an official reply making ti very clear that this
> group is not a part of the sisterhood of churches. Any questions or
> comments should be sent directly to the Conference or to your Pastor.
> I personally have not seen the article, but have been told that it is
> somewhat inflammatory towards the Catholic Church.  Sister White told us
> that the persecution would come, but that we are not to hasten it with
> our attacks on others. When groups like this one use our name illegally,
> they jeopardize not only the name of the church, but the work itself.
> They also create a potential legal situation for the church. In my
> opinion if that should happen and the Church incurs legal expenses, then
> the group is liable as well. They cry that they have the right to use
> the Church's name; if so, then they also have the obligation to all the
> legal  expenses that go with it. I doubt that they would agree to that.
> While their motives may be valid, their method is not. They only make
> the work of God more difficult for His true Church and Satan is very
> happy over that. What a tragedy that all the energy and finances
> expended is not put to use working within God's true channel of light to
> the world today.  All these independent cells claiming to be the true
> church can not possibly be in harmony with God's plan. Their
> determination to do things their way will fail, but not before they
> succeed in making it virtually impossible for the true church to
> accomplish her mission.  No wonder God will have to finish the work
> Himself!
> Pastor Cox

Pastor Cox Clarifies in Second Email